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War is Peace

Prey and Predators are at war. Cody St. John is a boy trapped in conflict, simmering with rage. When he and his classmates are captured by the enemy, it is nothing like what they expect. The Great Predator Army are all smiles. Cody will have to break free from their prison camp, or lose his mind trying.


Melissa is a skeptical mouse who is both worried and intrigued by her roomate's wild tales of cosmic connection. But what if you could literally reach out and touch faith?

Beyond the stars is a place that should not be. A clot of living nightmares into which dreaming souls are drawn. Tonight, a timid mouse will fall asleep and awaken in this accidental afterlife. He is unprepared. This realm will show him fears undreamt. It will chew him to the bone. But in the distance is the mountaintop, and maybe, with the aid of friends, the hope of home.
Welcome to Phobiopolis. Just close your eyes and you're there. Forever.

Dream I: Falling Blind

Dream II: Public Performance

Dream III: Long Dark Road

Dream IV: Waking Up

Dream V: Final Exam

Dream VI: Morning

Phobiopolis: Killing Machines

Coryza is a haven of safety in a wasteland crawling with nightmares. Yet now a threat has announced itself. In the desert skulks a metal-clad tyrant with a heart of rot. Sharpen your sword. Load your gun. It's time to throw a wrench in the works.

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